Thailand-07 Thailand-07 Phuket 19728100 Phucket sunset 19728106 Phucket sunset 19728121 Thailand cliff 19728122 Paradise Our secret island that was like a paradise, I miss that place! 19728123 Palms and white sand mhmm, true paradise! 19728107 Palm Sky 19728108 Palm Sky 19728109 Paradise the reflections is from the pool, 50 meters from the sea ;) 19728124 Reflections of a Paradise 20342219 Jungle Christopher and I drove to the islands only city to by some food :) 19728110 Jungle trees 19728111 King of the Paradise no, thats just my brother ;) 19728125 Thailand Taken on the boat 19728126 Parasol silhouette taken from the hotels pool :) 19728112 Just like a dream Like taken from a travel agency advertising :D 20339672 A real life paradise 20339706 A dream that came through 20339707 Truly a paradise 20339708 byebye Paradise :(:(:( 20339709